Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Vagrant Piercer, The Old Vicarage

 Been hoping for one of these for a while now. A nice surprise finally seeing one in the trap this morning, Vagrant Piercer, Cydia Amplana. Only the 6th record for Bucks. 

51 species and over 200 moths in the trap overall including Black Rustic, Cypress Carpet and a few I'd thought we had seen the last of for this year including Waved Umber and White-backed Marble. The heatwave continues so hopefully more good moths over next couple of days.

I popped over to Otmoor for a few hours this morning. My forecast for this week was pretty good so far with a Little Stint found at Otmoor  over the weekend and a Wryneck found at Oddington yesterday (I spent all day looking for one in the south of the site!). Also a flock of Black Terns at Farmoor. So the forecast was good but my bird finding not so good- all I found was a Spotted Flycatcher in the garden (a good garden migrant) and Spot Flys and a few common migrants at Otmoor.  Certainly a drift migrant theme supported by Whinchats and Spot Flys, Redstarts etc. Also the migrant moth prediction came good with the Vagrant Piercer - at least I found something. 

Highlights at Otmoor today were a 2nd calendar year male Marsh Harrier, 2 Redstart, a Kingfisher, Grasshopper Warbler and Brown and Purple Hairstreaks. 

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