Wednesday 28 February 2024

Local Floods and Egrets

The Thame flooded again while we were in Madeira and the water levels are just going down now. The flood plain is alive with birds. Over the last couple of days I've checked out lower Cuttlebrook, the Ickford Bridges, Shabbington Fields and Ickford fields, just a few viewpoints in a pretty extensive area which is mainly inaccessible.  Highlights have included Curlew (back on the breeding ground already), Cattle Egret, Great Egret and waterfowl in the flooded fields including Gadwall, Wigeon and Teal. Also good numbers of Fieldfares. 

Cattle Egret with Little Egret (above and two pics below) at Ickford Bridges

Great Egret at Shabbington Fields 
Curlews at Ickford
Treecreeper at Cuttlebrook- also had two local patch ticks- Gadwall and Reed Bunting (the Reed Bunting is in the estate SUDS) 
Floods at Ickford Bridges (above and below) 

Tuesday 27 February 2024

From the Archives - Northern India 2007

I've been sorting out my World List and trip photos on my hard drive recently and been going through photos from a trip to India in 2007, before this blog. Seems a shame to have these good memories and photos buried on my hard drive so thought I would do a retrospective mega post on the trip. Photos digi-scoped (before DSLRs). 

Full trip Report on Surfbirds HERE.

The trip was a recee for a Tropical Birding tour with Sam Woods. I did a few of these with Sam- good times!


Asian Green Bee-eater
White-breasted Kingfisher
Bay-backed Shrike 
Brown Fish Owl- mega! 
Jungle Owlet
Indian Roller
Stork-billed Kingfisher
Mottled Wood Owl 
Lesser Adjutant
River Lapwing
Painted Sandgrouse
Great Barbet
Blue-capped Redstart
Siberian Stonechat
Black-throated Accentor
Crested Kingfisher
Paddyfield Pipit
Indian Vulture
Indian Bushlark 
Painted Snipe 
Brown Shrike
Rufous Turtle Dove 
Streaked Laughingthrush
Brown Wood Owl 
Chestnut-eared Bunting 
Black-chinned Babbler (thanks Ed for id, I'd forgotten what this was, Ed has just got back from India, trip report HERE)
Grey-breasted Prinia (thanks Ed for id)
Pallas's Fish Eagle 
Himalayan Black-lored Tit
White-rumped Vulture
Large-tailed Nightjar
Indian Peafowl 
Bar-headed Goose 
Crested Honey Buzzard 
Black Kite at the Taj Mahal 
Long-tailed Shrike 
White-browed Wagtail 
Masked Wagtail (personta). Also had White-faced/Amur Wagtail (leucopsis) and White Wagtail (alba/dukhuensis) 
Hodgson's Wagtail (alboides)


Bengal Tiger
Female Nilgai
Samba Deer
Spotted Deer (Chital)
Hanuman Langur
Rheus Macaque


A few shots of the fantastic colourful and supercool people we met on the way. 

This could be 1000 years ago

Me (above and below on the Indian sleeper) 

Sam Woods in action (above)