Friday 3 September 2021

Birding Forecast

I've got a bit of flexibility now over the next couple of months so the plan is to try and find some rarities. I'll try and do a weekly plan each weekend and then see what I can implement (around work and family commitments). I'll also aim to do a trip to either Bulgaria or the Azores (depending on weather and travel restrictions).  

The north easterlies/ easterlies which are currently causing drift migration across the North Sea (Wrynecks, Little Stints, Pied Flys and other scarce migrants) continue to Sunday when a warmer southerly/south easterly airflow will dominate until late week (Thursday) when an Atlantic air flow moves in.

Presumably the drift migrants will continue over the weekend and then early next week could bring in some surprises from the east as an easterly/south easterly airflow and high pressure dominates over southern Europe. Could see eastern or southern European vagrants in the South and east. Scilly could be good in these conditions.

The southerly airflow should be good for migrant moths.

Birding Plan

Weekend: I need to stay local this weekend so will keep an eye out for any drift migrants that may have penetrated inland. Could get a Pied Fly in the garden or worth checking suitable habitat for Wryneck and Little Stints. It's warming up so will do some mothing and if all goes well will trap at Waterstock too. 

Early week: If I can sort it out logistically could be worth going down the South Coast to try for moth migrants early week. Portland could be good to try some mothing and this warm airflow could push something interesting on the bird front from the east or south. The head wind could be good for migrating raptors. 

Late week: I'll be tied up with work but will try and do Beddington on Thursday evening. 

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