Monday, 20 September 2021

Purple Heron, Blenheim Park

Twitched the Purple Heron today with Holly. Ebird bits HERE

A couple of new for year moths in the trap back at the Old Vic. About 70 moths of 22 species with the numbers of Common Wainscot dropping through the floor (from over 200 to less than 10) and Lunar Underwing beginning to catch up with Setaceous Hebrew Character. Other characteristic species include Black Rustic, Willow Beauty, Dusky and Canary-shouldered Thorn, Large Yellow Underwing, Square-spot Rustic and other classic autumn local moths. 

Juvenile Purple Heron. Part of a small influx into the country over last week with birds in Norfolk, Wales, Somerset, West Sussex and Kent. 
Two juvenile Cattle Egrets presumably from the famous Blenheim Park breeding colony Birdguides article here . Three to four pairs bred on the lake island this year, the first breeding record for Oxfordshire. They raised about 10 young. The birds at Otmoor (up to 20 or so) recently have presumably originated from this pioneering population. More here  

Deep Brown Dart (or Black Rustic) ? 
Green Brindled Crescent 
A bit of Lunar Underwing variation. The straw coloured variant is similar to Beaded Chestnut which I'm still waiting for this autumn. The best identification feature for Beaded Chestnut is the narrow kidney marks.