Friday, 27 May 2022

Working week

More of an interesting time of year at 'work' (the paid repetitive kind of work) now with longer evenings to do stuff after work and more interest in gardens and green spaces. This week was quite busy, I had to look at 17 different locations for a variety of tree work, planting and small meadow creation jobs with visits to the accountant and Little Woodcote base too with an evening trip with Gillian on Wednesday evening to Happy Valley looking for orchids and a meet up with Zach and Dodge over the farmlands on Thursday following the report of a Little Swift in the region. 

Here's a few wildlife highlights. 

Fly Orchid at Happy Valley
Man Orchid, quite a few of these. Also had Common Spotted Orchids and literally hundreds of Common Twayblades in the Orchid Field. Will return in a few weeks for some of the later species. 
Common Milkwort
Another Fly Orchid- we had about seven of these including a couple right out in the open grassland 
Sanicle- no idea how I'm not familiar with this plant- it was everywhere and very distinctive
A micromoth to id from the Happy Valley Orchid field (below). Presumably just a Common Marble. 

The water levels at Beddington Farmlands are a bit better now. Good to see sacrificial crops doing well and some other signs of restoration progress. No Little Swift unfortunately (one had been claimed not too far away in Catford). 
One of my favourite gardens in the week at work- young foxes running around outside the chicken coop and I liked the rather woodland garden theme for a typical three bed suburban semi. 
Autumn Olive Eleagnus umbellata- not one I see often in the gardens we work in 

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