Monday, 16 May 2022

Bulgaria, Spring 2022, The Last Post

I'm slowly getting through the sound files from Bulgaria and also been trying to work out the best system to use to record leps in the future.  It's just a shame I can't jump into the future for when somebody builds the moth and butterfly (and all other taxa too!) equivalent of Ebird.  On the Ebird subject I've added a few more pics and sounds to this trip's Ebird - trip report HERE, photos HERE and some sounds HERE (will add more sounds here as and when). 

Collared Flycatcher
Black Tern and Little Gull 
Greater Flamingo
This is how far I got with the conservation work. I discovered we've bought an abandoned vineyard and not just an abandoned field. Removing all the old wires and strimming round the vines was a long job but managed to cover the area we plan to develop into a meadow. Will be nice to keep some of these vines to preserve some of the history of the site so will select a small area to keep for prosperity. Dimiter has also been coordinating some work across the site and has also removed some old vineyard posts and fencing and cut back some brambles. There's a lot of work to do on this so will need to plan a trip at some point (outside of migration time) to just concentrate on getting this done. Also need to sort out a migration camp for next year (be nice to link up with the nearby ringing camp at Durankulak) and also some trips specifically to target moths and butterflies (once I've worked out what system we are going to use).  Background on this project HERE. I've got a list of volunteers who have expressed interest that I need to get back to as soon as I work out the plan but if anyone else interested in a chilled out bit of exploring please let me know so I have some idea of what to attempt to do next. As it's my 50th birthday I've got a few bucket list trips in the pipeline for this year but next year will hopefully be a big push on this project. 

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