Saturday, 7 May 2022

Bulgaria, Spring 2022, Day Nine

The herping trip continues with Anton and Dylan. The weather was rather unsuitable for herping today with heavy rain and cool conditions but it calmed down a bit in the afternoon. We moved a bit further south onto the Strandzha region, the highlight of the day was visiting the ruins of Pearla 2 , an abandoned Communist dictator's mansion which has now been taken over by wildlife with good numbers of herps and hundreds of bats living in the basement.

Eastern Tree Frog (above and below)

Fire-bellied Toad (above and below)

This enormous Common Toad was hilarious
A dark morph Aesculapian Snake 
Bats in the basement- from what I could see they were Noctules and a few Horseshoe Bats sp
Lady's Orchid
The incredible abandoned mansion of Pearla 2 (above and below) 

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