Thursday, 12 May 2022

Bulgaria, a few moths and butterflies

The nights were cool and some days too so not too many leps and was also focusing on the bird migration and herps mainly too but still a few nice butterflies and moths. Here's a few pics with provisional identifications. 

Swallowtail (above) and Scarce Swallowtail (below)

Early Long-horn, Adela cuprella (There was also reaumurella at the plot) 
Grizzled Skipper (there are several Grizzled Skipper sp in this part of the world but I think this is just Grizzled?)
Southern Feeston 
Queen of Spain Fritillary
Cream Spot Tiger Moth 
Eastern Dappled White
Black Grass Moth , Pentophera morio . Lots of these day flying at Poda.
Marsh Fritillary
Oak Beauty variant ?
Clouded Drab?
Silver Cloud- the most numerous moth in the LED trap and also very variable (see three images below)

Not sure what this is- could be Asteroscopus sphinx
Orache moth (above and below) 

Ancylis unculana
Many-lined. Other moths in the trap were Common Quaker, White-point, Common Carpet, Muslin, Hebrew Character, Small Quaker, Coronet, Cnephasia sp, Lunar Thorn, Oak Tree and Brindled Pug, Delicate, Oak Hook-tip and Lime Speck Pug so quite a familiar group of moths and not too many of them either. I would very much like to try out here in high summer with an MV or Actinic as the LED is great for travelling with but not very powerful  
A couple to still id (above and below) 

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