Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Alliance for Nature ?

Anyone involved in community projects will be very familiar with the frustrations expressed in this ironic visual (click on facebook symbol). 

Certainly a need in conservation to organise and avoid falling into collective chaos, to develop a national master plan, with clear objectives and an action plan and important that everybody realises the absolute essential need for a collective vision and the absolute need for a master plan and implementation plan. Organisation begins with a blueprint, a central code that replicates and the more that code reflects  a consensus the more accurate and effective it will be in spreading and challenging traditional financial dominated power. Without that respect for consensus and the understanding of the essential requirement for a clear vision and plan which can unleash collective movement, it is true there is nothing but nothingness and despair for the future for the people and nature movement. We need leaders and for people to respect that leadership but the leadership should be the blueprint, a collective vision with primary advocates distributing the code, the values of that blueprint. Literally a lot of people do not know their place and over-value their own personal opinions and perspectives, perspectives which alone are limited, narrow, a kind of blindness. Hopefully falling into despair will help them realise the need for social organisation, respect for the spectrum of perspectives and the need for alignment of those perspectives. Good leadership from primary advocates is a service, a type of slavery, often thankless and unreceived - its is nothing to covert! Collective movements without vision fizzle out, movement and structure need to align. Following instructions from managers following a good vision is a bloody good idea! Its following instructions from a bad vision is the problem and by de-fault going along with things is basically following instructions whether you like it or not. 

Another problem is heads of environmental organisations may be anything but good leaders and well be doing their best to preserve personal interests at the expense of a collective vision; their pay packets and pension schemes, hanging in there as longs as possible to guard their middle class estate and pay for the kids universities degrees and frightened to upset the funding streams they get from the capitalists VIRIDOR AND THE CONSERVATION ORGANISATIONS. However being capitalist lap dogs is not the solution to the crisis we are in.  Environmentalism and Capitalism in fundamental forms are eachother's nemesis. There is a need for balance of power. A need for genuine co-operation. Having treacherous elements within is not particularly useful. 

It is essential that the environmental/ecological collectives develop the same degree of organisation as the capitalists/industrialists/technocrats but the organisation of passionate and caring people that do not hunger for power for personal ego driven gain is something that although organises naturally  unfortunately does not organise easily. It takes time (all the great things do) but time is running out and there is a need to organise more quickly and also a need to understand the need for that organisation.

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