Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Azores Autumn 2016, Day 5, Corvo

The Azores high pressure has established itself resulting in cloudless skies and warm temperatures. Good for a holiday but not so good for birding with light north winds from the mid Atlantic and little in the way of a westerly airflow over the US eastern seaboard.

Most interest is in the caldera so I'll head over there tomorrow.

Here's a few pics from today from around the village. I've started to record the common bird numbers round here on E-bird so we can keep an eye on the local bird populations over the years (as well as all the megas and rares). 

 Cattle Egret- a new migrant today that flew in towards dusk. Could have originated from either side of the Atlantic.
 Atlantic Canary- one of the common birds on the island.
Scar Bank Gem- a few of these about, also Slender Burnished Brass and a Hummingbird Hawkmoth. A few micros too. 
 'Azores Bellflower'- a distinctive endemic 

Views of the Caldera today in The Azores High conditions
 A few of the first casualties of birding burn out 
 70 birders on the island today including lots of familiar faces and groups from across Europe. Here are 'The Spanish'- the Reservoir Birds clan. 

 RTP reporters doing a piece on birding on the island. Here they are interviewing me. The piece should go out next week. 

All the bird news here:

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