Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Autumn Migrants

Spent this morning doing a census across the usual circuit. The highlight was a Coal Tit in the conifers near Bedzed, a Barn Owl and good numbers of common migrants. Here's a picture summary.

 Male Stonechat- two present. There were up to 10 mid-month.
 Male Reed Bunting- at least 8 along the east side of the lake. 
 About 50 Stock Dove also on the east side of the lake . Only about 20 Woodpigeons about at the moment but expecting the big autumn movements soon. 
 Snipe- only a few today. A week or two ago there were 14 Jack Snipe on site. I couldn't find any today. 
 Second-winter Yellow-legged Gull. Large numbers of gulls are now building. Probably 7-8,000 large gulls around, 100+ Black-headed Gulls, a few Lesser and Greater Black-backs and less than 10 Common Gulls.
 Male Pheasant- we often get Pheasants appearing this time of year- presumably local migrants
 20+ Goldfinch, 50+ Linnet, 10 Chaffinch and 5 Greenfinch today 
 Skylarks- a few flying around. 4-5 in total today.
 Plenty of migrant Blackbirds (20+), also 15+ Redwing , 20+ Robin and Dunnocks. Wrens are getting in the ruderal habitat now. 
 Jays are still collecting acorns- been at it since the beginning of the month 
 An influx of Pied Wagtails- about 15 around 
Red Kite from a couple of days ago, also had a cracking Barn Owl today that landed on a dead tree briefly before it noticed me and disappeared before I got a chance to get a photo. Also a Buzzard today. 

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