Sunday, 2 October 2016


Been reading and watching Bob Flood and Ashley Fisher's latest North Atlantic Seabirds instalment. As usual a masterpiece. Prompted me to look through a few of my Fulmar images and particularly ones I took on the North Atlantic Odyssey- a boat trip from Scotland to Svalbard which I went on with Darryl and Greg a few years ago. Flood and Fisher look at the colour variation in Atlantic Fulmars, a variation which includes a greater proportion of darker coloured birds towards the north. Here's a few birds we saw as we headed north. 

For Atlantic Fulmar, Flood proposes different morphs from light (LL) to intermediate (L/D) and dark (DD). Interesting Pacific Fulmar have a wider range of variation with palest birds (LLL) to  darkest birds (DDD) 
A Fulmar off Seaford on the South Coast - LL
Another one off Seaford (a worn bird suggesting L/D?) 
An indiviudal near Aberdeen -LL
A bird on Fair Isle -LL
Around the Northern Isles - LL
Another couple of shots from around the Northern Isles-LL. The black nostrils (when present) are diagnostic of Atlantic Fulmars (as opposed to Pacific Fulmar) 
An individual around Jan Mayen in the Arctic Ocean - DD?
A few individuals heading towards and around Svalbard 

.......and a couple of other holiday snaps from the trip 
Our boat 
Grey Phalarope 
Adult Glaucous Gull in breeding plumage

Some more trip pics here: 

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