Saturday, 1 October 2016

Syria Flashback

A few pics from a trip to Syria from 2009. 

 Arabian Oryx at the Palmyra reserve 
 Arabian Oryx
Gazelle (Dorca's?)
Greater Flamingos- Syria hosts some major wetlands with huge populations of wintering waterbirds 
Iraq Babbler 
Moustached Warbler
Hoopoe Lark- Syria also an important area for desert species 
Shelducks- surprisingly, very large numbers of Shelduck winter in Syria 
 Ruins near Raqqa- 700 years ago this was a thriving city 
An underground cathedral in ruins near Raqqa 
 Alleppo- 7 years ago this was a thriving city 

People of Alleppo 
Paul and I meeting the locals (above and below) 

The car behind our 4 x 4 was government agents that followed us everywhere! 

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