Saturday, 10 July 2021

Plenty of moth ticks- The Old Vicarage

Been a steady few days on the Old Vic moth trap. A few new for site and firsts for years. A few highlights and tricky identifications below. Old Vic pan-species list now on 849 and moth list on 396 (11 new for site this weekend). 

The county moth recorder Dave Wilton usually gets 600 species of moth a year in his garden so the target of 500 moth species for the garden should be quite achievable. Getting there quite quickly if this rate keeps up. 

A few migrants last night including Rush Veneer, Diamond-back and Silver Y. Will I ever get a decent migrant here? It's probably best suited for dispersives, adventives and local specialities as an excellent mosaic of different habitats in the area but we are so far from coast but other gardens in this region do get the odd good migrant so fingers crossed.  

If all goes to plan next weekend we're planning on doing a weekend long garden BioBlitz to boost the species list at this peak time of year.  

Broad-blotched Drill, Dichrorampha alpinana. A lifer. (No cigar unfortunately as a gen dent species)
Leopard Moth- new for site. Acting dead. 
Paraswammerdamia albicapitella? Waiting for confirmation.
Aproaerema anthyllidella? - waiting for confirmation
White-triangle Button, Acleris holmiana. A lifer. 
Brussell's Lace. A Lifer. (nope it's a Engrailed - thanks Dave!) 

Mottled Beauties (above and below) 

Pale Arches- I thought it might be a Reddish-light Arches at first but just a richly marked one 
Silky Wainscot 
Brown-line Bright eye 
Buff Arches- the first for year this weekend 
A couple of Sharks (above and below) 

A couple of Acleris sp? Waiting for confirmation. 

I went for Privet Twist on this one. 
The mini-farm continues to produce well (above and below) 

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