Monday, 5 July 2021

Old Vic Ticks

According to my irecord data, the Old Vic pan-species list is now on 836 species of which 385 species are moths. Now I'm spending more time here I hope to push on towards 1000 species for the garden and should be able to get to 500 moths. Been making good progress over the last few days. This weekend alone there was 143 species of moth. Planning a bioblitz this month when the weather looks favourable. 

Here's a few highlights and interesting (ones I struggled with) moths from last few days. 

Beautiful China Mark- a lifer. 
Black-speckled Groundling, Carpatolechia proximella - another lifer 
Four-dotted Footman
White Satin
Cinerous Groundling Bryotropha terrella (thanks Dave) 
Triple-blotched Bell, Notocelia trimaculana
Purple Argent, Argyresthia albistria- another lifer . Thanks to Dave Wilton, county recorder for id. 
Waiting to hear back from the county recorder on this but I think its either an Ingrailed Clay or Small square-spot. Update- it's an Ingrailed Clay. 
Another one I'm not sure of. A dark Shears maybe? 
And another one I'm waiting to hear back on. I thought a mompha sp? Update- it's a Wakely's Dowd which I should have recognised. 
Eyed Hawk-moth- been getting one a day for last few days, also up to 14 Elephant Hawk-moths and also many Small Elephant Hawk-moths and a few Privet Hawk-moths too. 
Meanwhile at the mini-farm. Did quite a lot of work on the mini-farm this weekend too. Bryan has been the main driving force behind the planting this year but I've been doing best to help out. 
Nice haul this weekend 
A bit of companion planting going on with the marigolds and broccoli. If all goes to plan I hope to plant up a butterfly border in next week or so. 

Now I'm no longer living at the Beddington obs, it provides a natural break to re-assess the projects and goals I'm working on at the moment and to prioritise objectives. Here's a brief summary of what this blog should be about in the future if all goes to plan. 

Old Vic/Oxon/Bucks Birding and Nature 
Main objectives: To record 1000 pan-species and 500 moth species in the garden, wildlife gardening and organic food growing, to explore locally for rarities and specialities (birds and moths) at local patches (mainly Otmoor, Farmoor and BBOWT reserves) 

Bulgaria Project
Main objectives: Spring and autumn recording trips, habitat improvements, cabin construction

Azores Project
Main objectives: Annual rare bird reports (local and PRC reports), annual pelagic, annual Corvo season, annual Azores safari trip, Azores Bird List and Azores Wildlife Website. 

Regional birding trips and family holidays 
Main objectives: To find rarities etc

WP and World birding trips
Main objectives: To work on WP and World bird lists   

Beddington Farmlands Project
Main objectives: 2022 Councillor Elections (to get pro-farmlands people elected), 2024 Legal Challenge 

Also occasional rants/comment and sometimes a few observations/updates from the green space management work. 

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