Wednesday, 21 July 2021

More heat wave moths

The heat wave continues and it's still super busy in the moth trap. Too busy for the county recorder to keep up with validating the irecord data so still dodgy solo identifications from me. Here's the latest batch of unverified best guesses and highlights.

According to Twitter my Small Wainscot from last week is actually a Mere Wainscot See here . No doubt more corrections to come. 

Brown Hawker,  Beautiful Demoiselle and Marbled White in the garden today, presumably dispersing from the surrounding environments in this heat.  Also think I had a Thyme Plume in the trap but it got away before I got to photograph it.

222 species of moth so far this week.

Peach Blossom
Bordered Beauty 
Yellow tail - good numbers of these this week 
Honeysuckle Moth 
Closest a could get to this was Willow knot-horn, Sciota adelphella,  which is unlikely 
Bulrush Cosmet, Limnaecia phragmitella
Diamond-back Marble 
My best guess is Teasle Marble, Endothenia gentianaena
Endothenia sp 

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