Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Last couple of days

 Had a family day at Wolburn Safari Park yesterday and in between working been doing a bit of mothing. Been a few migrants since the weather turned- Diamond-backs, Rusty-dot Pearl, Silver-Y and Kent Black Arches. Four Tree-lichen Beauties were nice last night. Still getting over 80 species a night. 

Flame Crest, Chrysoesthia drurella, a smart little micro associated with goose foots (Thanks Dave for id) . A first for site and lifer. 
Kent Black Arches- been a couple of these on most nights recently 
Rusty Dot Pearl 
Scimitar Horned Oryx at Woldburn. Apparently this species is extinct in the wild and it only survives in places like Wolburn. 
Sable Antelope - if ever the climate and ecological emergency does escalate into a complete civilisation meltdown it will be interesting what happens with all these exotics across the country - they could seed some naturalised populations in the post human world? 

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