Thursday, 5 September 2019

Eurotrip 2019- Day 20: Cape Kaliakra and Shabla Lake

Met up with Dimiter today and we started off at Cape Kaliakra (Ebird list HERE ) and spent the evening at  Shabla Lake HERE.  The main mission of the day was to view a plot of land at Kamem Bryag (the land for our private nature reserve site). The site ticked all the boxes so we put our offer in- the solicitor will move things forward on Monday.

Our campervan is still stuck in Romania. Hopefully we will finally receive the vehicle registration documents tomorrow and be able to bring the van across the border. Seems a long way to bring a campervan to only get it stuck in the neighbouring country and then end up renting a car and a guesthouse anyway.

 Adult male Pied Wheatear (above and below) . The most classic bird yet. (See selection at end of this post) 

 Female Pied Wheatear 
  Presumed first-winter male Pied Wheatear 
New for the trip migrant list was this Crossbill at the Cape this morning 
 Caspian Gull with Sandwich Terns at Lake Shabla 
 Unfortunately this juvenile Red-backed Shrike had been struck by a car and had damaged its wing 
 Strange goings on on Lake Shabla- Dimiter birding (above) and mud bathers (below) 

The plot of land doesn't look much cop at the moment. We were only there are an hour or so today and we had Syrian Woodpecker, Nightingale, Spotted Flycatcher, Garden Warbler, Bee-eaters, Alpine Swifts, Red-backed Shrikes, a Red Squirrel and Little Owls. That's all I needed to see- put an offer straight in. 

I've updated the Pied/Eastern Black-eared Wheatear collection (click on facebook symbol to view) 

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