Saturday, 21 September 2019

Brown-spot Pinion at the Old Vicarage and the start of a new Chapter

Hopefully it's the beginning of a new era. Jacob is starting pre-school in two weeks time so we are going to mainly be based at the Old Vicarage now.  The plan is for me to do Saturday to Tuesday out here in the country and Wednesday to Friday back in the smoke. Holly and Jacob will be permanently based here. 

So hopefully that means a boost to the Old Vicarage pan species list which is currently on 653 species. On the first day back I got a new moth, Brown-spot Pinion and also had Nuthatch in the garden so things are off to a good start. 

Also planning on doing more nature friendly gardening in the two acre grounds and doing a bit more local birding and exploring. Also will give me more time to concentrate on writing and organising and commercialising projects. 

Back in London in addition to Little Oak Tree and Garden work I'm aiming to visit the farmlands at least once or twice a week, nightly moth trapping while I'm there and also hoping to set up public monthly wildlife events and to continue with the campaign for the Beddington Farmlands Nature Reserve.  

So a big tweak- more time on business and work and less time on volunteering and campaigning. So basically more of a Capitalist :-) 
 Four different Brown-spot Pinions (above and three below) 

 Lunar Underwings are now out in force. Lots of interesting variation (above and two below) 

Black Rustic (top right) and Deep Brown Dart (left) . The trap has been dominated by Large Yellow Underwings, Common Wainscots, Lesser Yellow Underwings and Setaceous Hebrew Character. The only migrants I've had are Diamond-back Moth and Rusty Dot Pearl. However the weather is looking perfect tonight for migrants (see weather map below) with a warm southerly airflow all the way up from the Mediterranean and temperatures set to remain above 15C so.... fingers crossed!

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