Monday, 2 September 2019

Eurotrip 2019- Day 16: Cape Kaliakra

Another day on the Cape- Ebird list HERE.

The noctural migration recording was fairly disappointing. Not a lot moving at night by the sounds of it- the odd Tree Pipit and some yet to identify chips and churps but most activity was in the hour before dawn which could have been staging migrants coming out of roost (see Golden Oriole photo caption below).

 Most numerous warbler migrant of the day was Lesser Whitethroat- also on the warbler front had Savis, Icterine, Common Whitethroat, Blackcap, Garden Warbler and Willow Warbler
 Spotted Flycatcher- plenty of these around but I haven't seen a single Ficedula flycatcher yet. Red-breasted Flycatchers are more or less in every bush including in the village fields this evening 
 Roller over the Cape
 Mystery Pyllo? I first thought Greenish Warbler but the greater covert bar is very worn- perhaps an adult ? Maybe just an odd Willow Warbler? Hybrid? 
 Golden Orioles again going to roost. Most evenings there are W-E movements south of the village of Golden Orioles, Tree Pipits, Yellow Wagtails and Short-toed Larks. Presumably these are roost migrations (rather than passage birds) with birds that are staging in the local area and are gathering for roost in the evening (like hirundines do too). 
Cape Kalikara- looking for migrants amongst the ruins is pretty amazing 

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