Friday, 5 August 2022

London Mothing

The usual London stint, put the moth trap up at my mum's in Hackbridge on Wednesday night and at Steve's at Little Woodcote on Thursday night. Certainly calming down in the traps now. Here's a few highlights.

Garden Tiger- always a treat 
Jersey and Garden Tiger and Sunny (above and below) 

Grey Poplar Bell, Epinotia nisella I presume
The first Square-spot Rustic- beginning to feel more autumnal 
Tawny Speckled and Currant Pug I think 
Closest I can get is a dark Pyrausta despicata
Steve's Light Sussex and Isa Brown cross chickens - this is where our ones came from 
Enjoying the minimalizing during my London breaks living in the camper- something quite relaxing and fulfilling about just having to manage a tiny living space

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