Saturday, 13 August 2022

Pearly Underwing at the Old Vic

The good run of migrant moths continues during this heatwave. Last night the garden's first Pearly Underwing and also Rush Veneer and Silver-Y and possible migrants Kent Black Arches, Tree-lichen Beauty, White-points and Turnip. Also the first Engrailed for the year and the first big numbers of Common Wainscot (presumably set to dominate the trap now for the foreseeable). 

There's also a few dragonflies in the garden including Ruddy and Common Darter and Southern and Migrant Hawker. 

I was reading a few observatory blogs last night and looks like moth migrant activity at places like Sandwich and Portland aren't particularly that impressive. Presumably these clear skies and high pressure situations are more favourable for us inlanders with potential for more pervasive dispersal and less concentrated migrant activity with moths just keeping going when they get to the coast and going over and in. Although we are not experiencing any concentrated 'falls' due to the broad front nature of pervasive dispersal it seems like these are the best conditions (in my limited experience here) to stand a better chance of getting migrants. 

Pearly Underwing - a first for site 
Kent Black Arches
Tree-lichen Beauty
Engrailed- a small one so presumably a typical second generation moth 
Ruddy Darter- at least five dragonflies (of 3-4 species) around the garden yesterday which is unprecedented here 

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