Monday, 25 October 2021

A few bits and pecs

 It's half term so my last week off work is going to die in a birding whimper of family attractions and zoos. I managed to sneak in the Pec at Port Meadow found by Thomas Miller today and also got a quickie in at Otmoor yesterday HERE  - the Golden Plovers are arriving and also had a Merlin. With Pec my Oxon list is on a rather appalling 168 HERE

A few new for year moths in the trap. Did a load of work in the garden yesterday. Finally saw the f#cking Armadillo (Six-banded) at Cotswold Wildlife Park today after three attempts (about £120!) of seeing it in its cage!  

Juvenile Pectoral Sandpiper . Other Pecs that have featured on this blog HERE (including a sound recording). 
Sprawler- new for year 
Yellow-line Quaker- new for year
Chestnut or Dark Chestnut? It's a Chestnut (thanks Dave) . Also seemed like we had a stow away from Portland today when I found a Feathered Ranunculus in the van. It flew off (despite my efforts to stop it)  into Bucks so beware any local trappers.  
Rush Veneer- surprised to see this migrant in the cold trap this morning 

Winter Onions and Garlic are in the mini-farm. We are harvesting cabbages now, Kale is still growing, there are still potatoes in the ground and loads of Beets and Parsley

Nice light in the garden this morning 

Redwings (66 calls last night) and Tawny Owl. An evocative recording which captures the atmosphere of nocturnal migration. 
The bastard was asleep too! 

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