Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Southern Migrant Hawker- Oare Marshes

Visited Oare Marshes yesterday- Ebird list HERE.

Highlight was the Southern Migrant Hawkers- up to 12 on site. This species was only recorded for the first time at Oare last Thursday. There is currently an invasion/ colonisation occurring in the Thames Estuary probably facilitated by the heat wave. This species had already established itself on the North side of the Estuary around Canvey in recent years but has clearly got larger conquest plans. Mating was noted yesterday at Oare.

What with the 11 Little Egrets on the East Flood and the baking heat and sun- it all felt a bit global warmy.  

Also had a few Common Emeralds. 

 Southern Migrant Hawkers (above) 
 Common Emerald Damselfly 
 Where's Bonie?
 First-summer Med Gull. Also a juvenile and a few adults on the East Flood. 
Had 15+8 Whimbrel going over. 

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