Saturday, 7 July 2018

Recent Moths from Beddington Farmlands

The continuing heat wave has been producing some good moth nights recently and a few firsts for site. 
 Haworth's Pug- first for the farm.The reddish band at the base of abdomen is distinctive. 
 Lesser Wax Moth (above and below)- first for the farm 

Sitochroa verticalis - thought this might be Mecyna flavalis but amongst other features it lacks the kink in the outer cross line typical of flavalis (Cheers Billy, Surrey Moths)  
 Cochylidia rupicola - another first if id is correct. 
 Grey Pug ? 
Eudemis profundana (Thanks Billy, Surrey moths for id) A first for the farmlands. 
 Grey Dagger
 Blood Vein
Dusky Sallow- always good to see, up to four in the trap in recent nights

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