Sunday, 28 October 2018

Nearctic Vagrants on Corvo, Azores 2005-17, Dutch Birding latest issue

Delighted to have a paper published in Dutch Birding's latest issue. Here's the promo blurb and some sample pages: 

A new issue of Dutch Birding (40-5) is now out! This is without doubt THE Corvo issue! More than 30 pages on rare birds of the famous island in the Azores. In the first paper, David Monticelli and colleagues describe the discovery of four new species (Lincoln’s Sparrow, Prairie Warbler, Yellow-throated Warbler and Eastern Wood Pewee) for the WP. The second paper, by Peter Alfrey and co-authors, analyzes the occurrence of 105 Nearctic species on Corvo during 13 years (2005-17). Both papers combined have 35 photographs of American vagrants found on the island. More at:

Also here's a couple of important links to Birdwatch articles (that I wrote)  about vagrancy which are referenced in the paper:

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