Friday, 19 October 2018

Corvo 2018, Day 6- A European flavour

The wind has swung round to the southeast today as a high pressure has firmly established itself. A few new American birds were found today so perhaps some are still making it in (unless they were new discoveries rather than new arrivals). More on the Corvo blog: HERE

However there was certainly a flavour from the east today with a Stonechat reported first thing and then Garden and Willow Warbler found in the village. Later in the afternoon a Barn Swallow arrived.

I spent today birding the village and welcomed the arrival of Darryl and David. There were a few bits around the village. 

 Yellow-billed Cuckoo (above and below) 

 Willow Warbler 
 Garden Warbler 
 Azores Chaffinch
 Azores Blackbird 
Atlantic Canary 
The North Atlantic is somewhat split in half with a westerly airflow to the north and and easterly airflow over the Azores. There is still the possibility of birds being blown into the Atlantic and then moving against a light headwind or hitching a ride on a ship so all hope is not lost. However it looks like that for the next week we are going to be getting easterlies- which generally is not great for here. 

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