Saturday, 22 September 2018

The People's March for Wildlife

Just in case you are not sick to death of this (literally not vomiting) here's another post about it to get you gagging.

Had a great day, travelled up with Tomos, Roger and Molly and met Sue, Andrew and Maeve and the Green Party up there. What with the manifesto to give some substance to all this, up to 10,000 people turning up and having a laugh today- hats off to Packham and Co for pulling this off.

I generally have deep reservations about the value of these kind of events but I did decide today that it is useful to remember that after we all go home back to our stations, fighting our own little wars, defending our own patches, loosing battle after battle, we are all  still part of a 10,000 strong army, albiet one that is spread out widely. Viridor only have 3000 employees. If there was some way of co-ordinating the people's conservation army into all focusing on what target at a time- the Capitalists would not stand a chance.

I just have to work out how we can get that focus on one occasion to be on Beddington Farmlands. That is how we will defeat the Viridor-Sutton Council axis against nature.

 Me and Sian Berry, Green Party Co-leader . Always wanted to meet this inspiring lady- highlight of the day. 
Left to right: Andrew, Sue, Cretin, Sian Berry and Caroline Lucas 
 The rozzers reckoned 10000 people on the march 
 Despite the rain


The only change I predict is things are going to keep going down the shitter but even faster than before. It's going to take a lot more than just waving a few banners around and dressing up as a Lapwing to overthrow the anti-nature Capitalists. However delusion is a wonderful thing so I'm looking forward to the People's March for Wildlife Today.

Here's our protest song about Beddington Farmlands and the Conservation Charities. If we could get them on our side rather than on the side of the ecocidal maniacs that would be a start! 

Friday, 21 September 2018


Ahead of tomorrow's People's Walk for Wildlife, Packham's team have produced this which is full of good ideas. 

Download full document HERE

Here's a concise version with the proposals stripped out 

So we've got at least three high profile proposal documents from the last few years that could form the basis for some kind of political manifesto for wildlife.
1) This one above from the people
2) This one the Conservation NGOs HERE
3) and the one from a conservation youth movement AFON which seems to have disappeared off the internet

So the eternal self consuming and regurgitating cycle and continuous repetition of conservation ideas over generations continues- hopefully eventually will all end up in some kind of stable political manifesto within a future nature friendly political system. One can only imagine how little wildlife will be left by the time we all get there. We haven't even finalised the master plan yet before we even start the full on attack on established power. I give it 20 years at least, and in between the darkest tyranny the world has ever seen will descend on us all- the Capitalists Apocalypse. Get your boiler suits ready! 

Thursday, 20 September 2018



Sunday, 16 September 2018


Sid and I did the farmlands this morning, highlight was a Blackwit, otherwise pretty quiet in these unseasonably warm conditions. Walked along the path towards Irrigation Bridge for the first time since the winter- quite depressing to see the extent of the tree felling for the potential white elephant district heat network. 

Quite a good selection of moths last night- had the first Lunar Underwing of the year, 

Also paid homage to the sewage sludge beds on 100 acre which will be a thing of the past within 12 months as the sewage farm is being decommissioned. 

Juvenile Black-tailed Godwit moulting into first-winter plumage. I noticed most of the godwits on the Swale in the week were also all beginning to look very wintery. What with Pink-foots moving down the east coast recently and the first Redwings and Fieldfares appearing- as Ed Stark would say, Winter is Coming. 
Lunar Underwing- first for year 
The permitted footpath - a change in plan with the direction of the pipe meant that twice as many trees were felled as needed to be. At least there are some restoration works planned for this area. 

Just to prove you can post a massive pile of shit on facebook and it will get hundreds of views. Here's a video of the sewage sludge beds on 100 acre. 

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Autumn bits

Things have been ticking along this week. Finally managed to get in the field this morning following a 45 hour work stint in the last three days. There were a few bits at the farmlands including the first Willow Emeralds of the year along the permitted path (I had 3) and the other guys had Blackwit and Greenshank. Here's a few pics from last few days.

 Chiffchaff- quite a few of these along the path 
 Willow Emerald Damselfly - word of the day is pruniosity. Willow Emeralds have a metallic green body without a bluish bloom (or pruniosity). 
 L-album Wainscot- a first for year (if I remember correctly- it's all blurring into one long session) 
 Black Rustic- first for the year (I'm pretty sure that this is a first for year) 
 Small China Mark- after only recording this following efforts to set up a summer trap by the lakes I now get one of these at the light trap negating any value in the effort I put in by the lakes this summer- as the old adage goes- hard work seldom pays off. 
 Short-cloaked moth 
 I've gone for Ancylosis oblitella on this 
What a triplet- Dewick's Plusia, Sallow and Ruby Tiger 

Wednesday, 12 September 2018