Thursday, 18 October 2018

Corvo 2018, Day 5- A Private Session with a first for the WP

So I set off this morning alone to re-locate the Blue Grosbeak from yesterday. I was anticipating a hard search of what was yesterday a flighty and ranging individual. I had various GPS coordinates of where to look so so I headed to the place it was last seen yesterday. I was mentally preparing for the start of a long lonely search when within about a minute I heard a distinctive single note call coming from behind me- there it was feeding in the grass. Result! Like an Indigo Bunting on steroids. A cracking bird. Stefan was the only other birder on the island that didn't see it yesterday and within 5 minutes he was also onto the bird. Hopefully it stays around for the birders arriving tomorrow. 

In the same area there were at least 3 Red-eyed Vireos (probably 4) feeding in the hydranga hedges and showing particularly well. Basically a perfect little morning.

Spent the rest of the day on the hunt and visited De Vinte and then made my way slowly back to the village. Had the Common Yellowthroat in the village but thought I'd save the Lincoln's Sparrow and Myrtle Warbler that were also found today for tomorrow's mission. 

 Blue Grosbeak (above and below) 

 Red-eyed Vireo gallery from Poco D'Agua 
Poco d'Agua-beuatiful birds in a beautiful location
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