Friday, 23 June 2017

Micros etc

A few from the trap last night:

 Crassa unitella I presume 
 Caloptilia rutipennella if I'm not mistaken 
 Endotricha flammealis indeed
 Bird Cherry Ermine I do believe 
 Cypress Carpet (centre), Ephestia unicolorella and Dwarf Cream Wave
 Small Seraphim 
 Clouded Border
 Common Emerald 

Been working on revising the local micro moths, here's a few links on past efforts: 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Heat Wave

The heat wave continues. Been at Beddington over the last couple of days- another busy night in the moth trap yesterday and managed to do an evening walk yesterday evening. Plenty of bugs around- good numbers of Marbled Whites again this year. A few pics and highlights; 

 Hobby- 400+ Swifts in the evening around the lakes attracting Hobbies
 The Mute Swans on the Southern Lake have young now
 Plenty of other young birds around too including these Coots and also the first Little Grebe young
 Black-tailed Skimmer- at least 50 of these on my walk yesterday, also 3-4 Emperor, Common Darters, Common Blue Damselfly and Nick reported the Small Red-eyes again on the Northern Lake (also extending their population to the Southern Lake). 
 Loads of Meadow Brown on the MG5 habitat and grassland on the southern mound, also Essex Skippers, Marbled Whites, Large Skipper (above), Commas (above), Red Ad and Small Tort.
 These mating Grapholita compositella were nice find. Other day flying moths on the mounds including Sitochroa verticalis, Burnet Companion, Six-spot Burnet, Crambus perlella and Common Grass Veneer.
 Sitochroa verticalis (above) and European Corn Borer (below) for comparison 
 European Corn Borer
 Crambus perlella
 I'm going for Apple Ermine on this based on the sparse distribution of spots and the sub-terminal line of spots? If so I think a new one for the site? 
 A worn Codling Moth? 
 Clepsis consimilana (male) the faint bar on an otherwise plain straw coloured Tortrix is what I'm going on 
Crambus pascuella - what a beauty 
 Agonopterix heracliana- two of these, the first for year. Getting about 50 species or so a night at the moment. 

 Bud Moth 

Male (above) and female (below) Eristalis intricaria 

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Just to ensure this is adequately publicised. 

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Otmoor RSPB and the Old Vicarage

Spent yesterday mainly at the Old Vicarage with Holly and the baby and managed to get a couple of hours at Otmoor in the evening. Heard the Quail calling from Greenaway. A few other picture highlights:

 Turtle Dove- at least two males singing at Otmoor
 Spotted Flycatcher at the Old Vicarage
 At least seven Little Egrets on Greenaways at Otmoor
 Cuckoos still singing- although only one or two now, down from six plus a couple of weeks ago 
 Hairy Hawker- finally nailed one of these at Otmoor. The central spot on segment one is visible in this pic. Also the long thin pterostigma on the leading edge of the wing and the pairs of elongated blue dots on the abdomen. Also Four-spotted Chasers, Emperor, Ruddy Darters, Brown Hawker, Banded Demoiselle and Common Blue, Azure and Blue-tailed Damselfly.
 Small Fan Foot ( outer cross line on forewing is curved and extends to tip unlike in Fan Foot) and what looks a worn V-pug 
 Engrailed (if I'm not mistaken)
 Pale Prominent 
 Barred Straw
 Tawny Speckled Pug is the closet I can get on this
Wood Cranesbill I do believe (The Old Vicarage) 

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Moth Weather

Certainly a busy time of year, busy at work, busy on the campaigning front, busy with the baby. living between Oxford and London and with the heat wave its mega busy on the bug front too. I'm doing full on 7am to 10pm working hours at the moment and still can't keep up with everything. Plenty of highlights though including Jacob's super burps and loads of good moths in the traps. Here's a few picture highlights (some id's tentative).

Old Vicarage Moths (Oxford) 
 The Lackey
 Dusky Pearl (i think) 
 Double Square Spot
 A nice fresh Blood Vein 
 I need more pots- ordered another 30

and back at the Beddington Farmlands Obs in the week (London) 
 Brown Silver Lines- a first for the Farmlands 
 Shears- a first for the farmlands
 Poplar Grey
 Ephestia unicolorella and Homoeosoma sinuella (I reckon) 
 Working on it 
 Orchard Ermine  
 Caucasian Stonecrop flowering in the Obs garden 

Planted out the communal veg in the week that I've grown in the obs window farms. Stuck the veg in different places amongst the shrubs and herbaceous.