Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Evening at Oare

Spent the evening at Oare Marshes. Ebird list HERE

 Highlight was a juvenile Arctic Skua chasing Sandwich Terns on the Swale 
 Juvenile Water Rail
 A lot more Shelducks then when I last visited. Presumably the adults have finished their moult gatherings now and are heading to wintering grounds. Quite a few changes since my last visit- very few Ringed Plover and Dunlin now. 
 Turnstones roosting on the boats in the Swale 
 The mobile obs- the plan today was to do some night sound recording and moth trapping but got a bit scuppered when I discovered my torch was broken. I did a couple of hours but it was not easy. I still haven't got the leisure battery sorted after it burst into flames over the summer.  
 A beautiful calm evening over the Swale- a group of Grey Seals out on the bank with thousands of gulls coming into roost was atmospheric in the evening light 
 Moth trap in position- I didn't give it long enough- just a couple of hours- got nothing (so here's some I prepared earlier below) 
 Managed to whip up this tuna steak salad in the dark
 Mallow at the Beddington obs last night 
 Another L-album Wainscot at Beddinton 
 I went for Clepsis consimilana on this one 
This was tiny- seen it before but can't remember name . ectoedemia sp. - sericopeza or louisella (surrey moths id ) 

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