Sunday, 21 October 2018

Corvo 2018, Day 8 -A quiet day

The easterly wind has built today but a couple of new American birds have still managed to push through- a Chimney Swift and an American Great White Egret. The Chimney Swift now takes the total number of Nearctic species to 28 (one away to match the record set in 2017).

I stayed in the guesthouse today as I over did it on the war wound yesterday but still managed to see Chimney Swift, Barn Swallow and Great White Egret from the Veranda.

I didn't take any pics today so here's a few shots of the star birds over the last few days from Vincent.

 White-eyed Vireo (Vincent Legrand) 
 Eastern Wood Pewee (Vincent Legrand) 
Lincoln's Sparrow (Vincent Legrand) 

Darryl and I worked out our Azores lists today. Trying to resurrect the Azores List rankings which will post on the Corvo blog HERE


Tim said...

Hi Peter, we were on Corvo in September for 10 days, lots of easterly winds so not the best birding for yanks, however we did have 2 Buff-breasted Sands (and 2 possibly 4 White-rumps). I presume these contribute to Corvo's nearctic year list? Link to pics here:

Regards Tim

Peter Alfrey said...

Thanks Tim,
will get the records added.