Sunday, 3 July 2022

Festival month begins

A busy July lays ahead and started yesterday with Holly having a stall at the Far Out Festival in Ickford. Tomorrow I'm off to Bulgaria for a week and then it's Bird Fair, then Steve's Wedding, then a family birthday party plus a load of kids birthday parties for Jacob's friends. Thank goodness I'm getting to Bulgaria tomorrow as the thought of spending that much time in society exhausts me before the ordeal has even begun. The social things I enjoy most are demonstrations, secretive society meetings, plotting and blockades against society :-)

Not much to report from the Old Vic since I got back from London. The weather has been cool and wet. There's been a few new for year moths but no news for garden. Generally everything ticking over nicely. Garden Moth year list now 282. Pretty quiet on the bird front. Haven't heard the Spotted Flycatcher in last few days. 

Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing- a nice fresh specimen 
Small Clouded Brindle- if I've identified this correctly this will be a lifer
Yellow tail have started putting in an appearance now 
Not sure if this is a Little Emerald or a Common Emerald with it's darker ground colour and edging worn away? 
I'm presuming this is a Mottled Rustic rather than a heavily marked Uncertain job
Common Rustic agg also now appearing 
Triangle-marked Roller- one of the more regular micros here 
The butterfly border coming along- the Common Loosestrife is now flowering but not many insects about in the day in the rather autumnal conditions 
The cottage garden with plenty flowering now and providing lots of feeding opportunities for insects  
Bryan's coach house border is looking okay- another new area of planting in the garden 
All good at the mini-farm. Bryan's been sorting out the garlic this week (below) 

Holly's stall (above) at the Far Out Festival (below). What with all the food growing and flowers too this weekend, it's all gone a bit full on hippy. Be interesting to get to Bird Fair this month, by the sounds of it, since the re-launch and re-branding to Global Bird Fair, many eco-socialists/carbon commies are keeping away and its just the birding and green Capitalists and their grey army customers. Will see, this could be where birding/ popular natural history forks further into Right (Global, market, high income and technology driven) and Left wing (Local, Low carbon, low income, charity/volunteer, plant and bike based etc)  and if it does there could be an opportunity here for someone to set up a 'Birding Festival'. The old Bird Fair used to represent the whole of the popular natural history community spectrum so in a way if Global Bird Fair has lost some of those 'hippy flavours' it will be a bit sad. Will see. I liked the fact that the old Bird Fair was a place where everyone could come together in one place. Bird Fair was indeed leaning towards the trade fair/capitalist/celebrity camp (the right if you like) a bit too much but things just needed a bit of tweaking/reforming into sustainable/responsible eco-tourism and not a divorce IMHO.   

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