Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Slovenia Road Trip Day 8

Another excellent day in Slovenia. This morning I went back to Slivnica to have a look for some more mountain and woodland butterflies and then in the afternoon we did some tourist stuff - visited the capital city of Ljubljana (which I can't pronounce so just call it lovely-jubbly) and then back to the campsite in the evening for some more exploring. As it's a family holiday trying to do some birding and nature stuff in the morning, spend the afternoon doing some tourist stuff and then mothing in the evening while I'm doing the BBQ- seems to be an effective formula! 

The campsite bird list is growing with White-tailed Eagle and Black Stork over yesterday. Got a family party of Black Redstarts around all the time, Spotted Flycatcher, Cuckoo and a Tawny Owl. 

I've set the moth trap up in a woodland glade the other side of the campsite tonight so pretty excited to see if I get anything different in there tomorrow morning. 

Eyed Hawkmoth- the best catch in the moth trap so far
Scarce Fritillary (above and below)- on the road down from Slivnica

White Admiral (above and below). The double row of post discal spots on the under hind wing distinguish if from Southern White Admiral which we had in Bulgaria a few weeks ago HERE (Warning:Still need to validate many of the Bulgaria butterfly ids) 

Woodland Brown also on the Slivnica road 
Duke of Burgundy- up at the top of Slivnica 
Woodland Ringlet- plenty up on the top of Slivnica. Also had Clouded Apollo, Essex Skipper, Holly Blue, Large White, Clouded Yellow, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell, Black-veined White, Common Blue, Small Blue, Glanville Fritillary, un-identified large fritillary and Pearly Heaths (loads)
Glanville Fritillary- one of the default Fritillaires in the area
Pearly Heath
Looks like Olethreutes arcuella
Four-dotted Footman was in the trap last night 
View from Slivnica overlooking the temporary Cerknica lake. Our campsite is at the foot of the mountains on the left 
Afternoon in the city- river side walk and local Slovenian food followed by a market browse, a glance at the castle and then a walk round the botanical gardens, home made lemonade in the tea house and then back to the job with the mothing at the campsite- result! 

Had a Wall Lizard (?) at the Botanical Gardens 
Another bit on the Eyed Hawkmoth-stunning and below a collection of the orchids that we've seen so far 

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