Saturday, 2 June 2018

Slovenia Road Trip Day 4

Staying at a place called Teckava Ograda, an organic 'tourist farm' near Cerknica- a working farm with places for tourists to stay and also help out by the looks of it (will be keeping well away from any graft). 

Left the farm for a few minutes to get some BBQ supplies but there was more than enough interest in the meadows around the farm. Here's a few highlights with some provisional identifications of some interesting bits outside the tent.  

Narrow-bordered Bee Hawkmoth 
 Black Veined White
 Black veined Moth 
 Glanville Fritillary
 Clouded Buff- three in the trap last night 
 Pine Tree Lappet (?)
Lace Border 
 Latticed Heath 

 Meadow cutting- the meadows surrounding the farm are full of Scabious, Bedstraws, Ox-eye Daisies etc
 Zerovnica church in background 
 Life doesn't get much better than being surrounded in insect filled wildflower meadows with a rack of ribs on the barbie!  
Jacob enjoying the sun 
Our set up with one of the moth traps

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