Saturday, 30 June 2018

White-letter Hairstreak, Beddington Farmlands

Checked out Irrigation Bridge in the week for the White-letter Hairstreaks. Saw one within five minutes so presumably more than one around. They have a relatively short flight period which lasts a few more weeks. More information of White-letters HERE

 White-letter Hairstreak, Beddington Farmlands, June 29th 2018
 The site is public and easily accessible from the eco-village Bedzed, in Hackbridge. Parking is restricted in Bedzed so may need to park in adjacent roads and walk up Helios Road to the community field (with outdoor gym and garden). There is a metal gate on the opposite side of the field which can be accessed by crossing the field following the white line on the map above. Walk through the gate and head towards the Elm trees on the old bridge. The butterflies can be found anywhere on these Elms- best found by scanning the tops for erratically flying small butterflies. 
 Small White, good numbers of other butterflies in the vicinity of the bridge and surrounding fields including Small and Large White, Marbled Whites (10+), Purple Hairstreak (on the oaks north of the large field where the school is being built), Large, Small and Essex Skippers, Meadow Browns and Speckled Woods. Also the field is good for Black-tailed Skimmers. 
Most of the birds have gone quiet and gone to ground especially in this heat. This singing Chiffchaff refused to give in. 

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