Thursday, 21 June 2018

European Road Trip Day 20- Kaunertal Glacier

An epic end to our road trip with a drive up to 2750m to the Kaunertal Glacier. A fascinating transition from bare snow covered rock to rich species rich wildflower meadows as we descended.

Lots of interesting plants- made a start on identifying some here- provisional ids- please step in if any the wiser. 

Alpine Choughs, Snowfinches ,Water Pipits and Alpine Marmots were at the top. 

View over the Italian Alps from top of the cable car at 3100m. 
Around 2500 meters- Marmot country 
Around 2000m 
Around 1500 meters 

Alpine Marmot ('Groundhog') 

A few plants in altitude descending order 
Alpine Azalea, Loiseleuria procumbens (cheers Domen_
Snowbell sp, Soldanella pusilla or minima
Mountain Sorrel
Thorny Thistle 
Bladder Gentian 
Alpine Saxifrage
Trumpet Gentian, Gentiana acaulis or clusii (cheers Domen)
Rhododendron ferrugineum
Lesser Butterfly Orchid 
Meadow Crane's-bill 
Ragged Robin- dominated in the wet patches of the meadows 
Alpine Catchfly 
A tall wildflower meadow: Meadow Clary, Star of Bethlehem, Yarrow, Mountain Clover, Sanfoin, Oxeye Daisy, Red Clover, Great Burney etc
A lower carpet of wildflowers, Yellow Eattle, Buttercup sp, Cornflower, Rock Rose, Red Clover, Mountain Clover, Yarrow, Hoary Plantian, Oxeye Daisy etc 
Carthusian Pink 
Viola sp 
Cotton Grass
Grass of Parnassus

Common Twayblade
False Heath Fritillary 
Small Argent and Sable 
White-spotted Sable Anania funebris

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