Monday, 25 June 2018

Back in the Crack

Back in the crack of London and I'm not happy about it. 
Here's a few pics over the last few days. 
 The white cliffs of St Margaret's- one of our past favourite rarity hunting areas 
 A few Kittiwakes in the Channel on the way back 
 Privet Hawkmoth on the last morning at the Austrian campsite
 Orache Moth- last day of Austrian campsite 
 Purple Treble Bar- last day of campsite
 Bordered Gothic- campsite 
Gothic campsite 
 Boxworm moths- back at the Beddington obs 
Peach Blossom- a few of these at the obs
 Obscure Wainscot- the 2nd record following last year's first record for Beddington 
Juniper Webber- a first for the farmlands according to our records 

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