Sunday, 13 May 2018

Bulgaria 2018 Butterflies and Moths

I'll stick these up here to put the pressure on to id them at some point- please feel free to step in with any proposed identifications.
Previous attempts of this subject HERE

Grizzled Skipper sp- In Bulgaria species listed are Grizzled, Large Grizzled, Olive, Oberthur's, Sandy, Yellow-banded, Safflower, Alpine and Dusky. 
Lesser Spotted Fritillary 
Common Blue 
Queen of Spain Fritillary (thanks Roger Payne for id) 
Four-spotted, Tyta luctuosa (cheers Roger for id) 
probably Eastern Baton Blue, Pseudophilotes vicrama (thanks Roger) 
Geometrician, Grammodes stolida (cheers Roger) 

Small Heath 
Silver-studded Blue 
Glanville Fritillary 
Lesser-spotted Fritillary, Mellitaea trivia (cheers Roger) 
Spotted Fritillary, Melitaea didyma (cheers Roger) 

I think most of these Fritillaries are Lesser Spotted 
Queen of Spain Fritillary
Mallow Skipper ?
Speckled Yellow 

Euplocamus anthracinalis
Black Hairstreak
Oecophora bractella (thanks Roger for id) 
Southern White Admiral 
Forester sp? 


Arjun Dutta said...

They all look stunning!

Peter Alfrey said...

So much stunning stuff in Bulgaria!

Arjun Dutta said...

One of my best friend at school is from Bulgaria - planning a trip there now!

Peter Alfrey said...

You will love it! One of the most biodiverse countries in Europe- if I recall correctly Spain and Bulgaria are the most nature rich European countries.