Monday, 11 June 2018

Slovenia/Croatia road trip, Days 11-13

So we reluctantly left the Lake Cerknica area of Slovenia and headed south across the border to Croatia and then descended down towards the Adriatic coast and set up camp on Krk island. A classic dry karst environment with Mediterranean climate with the rocky landscape dominated by dwarf forest of pine, oak, ash and plenty of olive and fig plantations. 

The temperature has been over 30 C and been spending time doing touristy stuff and keeping cool. Also had a van fire with the leisure battery short circuiting and causing an electrical fire and we had to wait until today (Monday) for a mechanic to disconnect the split charge so been on foot for last couple of days. However got the van fixed this morning and did some exploring of the island. 

Managed to set the moth trap up one evening and found a better location for tomorrow night and also managed to find a nice of bit of habitat behind the campsite to explore. Planning on getting up early tomorrow to look for Rock Partridge.  

Here's a few bits and bobs from last few days. 

 View from behind our campsite looking towards Krk town and the Adriatic. 
 The 2.5 hour journey down from Lake Cerknica in Slovenia took us through Spruce and Fir mountains and before we knew it we were in the Med- 30C and olive groves (below). Amazing rapid change in habitat and climate. 
 Our new campsite at Krk 
 Great Banded Grayling
 Nine-spot Moth 
 Oak Yellow Underwing- very common behind the campsite. Also large numbers of Purple Hairstreaks in the oaks. 
 Ilex Hairstreak- common behind the campsite 
 Pygmy, Thyris fenestrella 
 and another 
 I'm presuming Olive Tree Beauty (there's lots of them in our olive grove camp site) 
 I'm presuming Italian Wall Lizard (above and below) with a uniform morph below. Also had Central European Grass Snake dead on the road. 

 Brown Hare at back of camp site 
 and been slacking and been enjoying the sun and sea too 

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