Thursday, 14 June 2018

Slovenia/Croatia/Austria road trip Days 15 and 16

Spent yesterday on Krk looking at moths and butterflies and spent the whole of today travelling to the Austrian alps. 

I've found the entomology difficult when I got down to the Adriatic/Mediterranean so will need to work on identifications when I get more time. Had a major haul of moths in the trap at the back of the campsite including micros where I didn't even know where to start. 

 In the meanwhile here are a few photos of some distinctive ones - please feel free to comment if you know the identifications. 

Plum Lappet
 Aspen Lappet 
  Small Marbled 
 Scarce Blackneck
Rhodostrophia tabidaria - one of the Rose-banded Waves 
Scotopteryx vicinaria? (Similar to Lead Belle) 
Carocala nymphaea on left and Oak Yellow Underwing - these were abundant in the decidous and evergreen Oaks behind the campsite 
 Purple Hairstreak- loads of these in the Holm and deciduous Oaks behind the campsite 
 Marbled White - a dark form (procida)
 Fritillaries to identify (above and belows) . Closest I can get to this one (above and below) is Noble Fritillary. 

Fritillary sp? Going for Spotted Fritillary on this one. 
I don't even know what order this is in!? 

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