Monday 20 May 2024

Recent Garden Moths

Things have picked up well in the rental property moth trap in Oxfordshire since getting back from Azerbaijan. Here's a few highlights below. Moth garden year list now on 127- nearly 80 new species in the last couple of weeks. We are in the period where there are new species every night. Four moth lifers which now takes my world moth list to 1004 species. 

The Mullein 
Double-striped Knot-horn, Cryptobables bistriga. A moth lifer. 
Oak Carl, Tischeria exelbladella. A moth lifer. 
Triple-spot Dwarf, Elachista maculicerusella with Daisy Bent-wing, Bucculatrix nigrocomella in foreground 
From Stephen Palmer on Irecord: This is either Bryotropha basaltinella (the most likely candidate) or B. dryadella (unlikely). The two black dots on the forewing at one third along are one above the other and merged in this case. The only other species with similarly placed dots is B. domestica and it is not that species. Worth discussing this with your County Moth Recorder to check if a dissection is required to confirm basaltinella. (I checked with the CMR team and they supported the identification of basaltinella as any alternative would be so unlikely in this region). 
New Oak Slender, Caloptilia robustella . Another lifer. 
Spotted Shoot Moth, Rhyacionia pinivorana
Not sure if this is just a worn Red Twin-spot Carpet. 
Dewick's Plusia 
Small Clouded Brindle (above and below). This is a species I often string Common Rustic for. I think I might have finally got one right? 

May Highflyer 
Clouded-bordered Brindle (another lifer) 
Eyed Hawkmoth- also been regular Poplar Hawkmoths and the odd Lime too. 

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