Sunday 26 May 2024

5000th Lifer

I'm still using this time in limbo before we move to catch up with updating my world life lists (Birds, Mammals, Moths and Butterflies, Dragonflies and Reptiles and Amphibians). Recently made a start on identifying moths we had on a trip to Regua, Brazil in 2014 (10 years later!). I've found an I-Naturalist project, the Lepidoptera of Brazil,  and made a start HERE. As always indebted to these groups and the community assistance in helping out identifying my photo specimen trip collections. The identifications are building up which will take me beyond 5000 identified species now across my chosen groups HERE

Automeris annulata,  one of the more common Saturniids at the Regua light traps. 
The Black Witch (above) and the White Witch (below). The White Witch is one of the planet's largest moths. 

Titaea sp.
Poecilosoma eone- now that is a Clearwing! 
A couple of Hawkmoths to identify 
The Regua moth wall (above and below)

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