Thursday 16 May 2024

Bulgaria Project Update

Unfortunately due to the water company taking nearly 18 months to connect the water (we still haven't got a tap though) our working party to the Bulgaria project this Spring to complete the pond was postponed to the autumn.  As our family is moving house and then going to Australia this summer unfortunately won't be able to do a summer visit either. 

However got a couple of photos from Dimiter recently on how the plot looks. Thanks Dimiter! The meadow is looking lush and there is even a bit of natural water in the pond- a few drops anyway. We need to line this pond but interesting that it is naturally holding a little bit,  Considering we are going to miss the Spring and Summer visits there is going to be a lot of work to do in the autumn not only reclaiming the pond but also in the meadow management. Will be interesting what 'wilding' impacts there will be in the meantime. Even though we aren't there working, nature is working 24/7. 

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