Sunday 5 May 2024

Azerbaijan Spring 2024- The Caucasus Mountains

We spent the first two days in the Laza and Griz regions of the Greater Caucasus. Vincent needed East Caucasian Tur for his WP mammal list (I've had them in Georgia) but unfortunately we didn't find any. However the supporting bird cast was pretty amazing and really nice to see the Caucasian specialities again. Highlights included a full set of the Caucasian hit list including Great Rosefinch, Guldenstadt's/White-winged Redstart, Caucasian Snowcock and Caucasian Black Grouse with Red-fronted Serins, Caucasian Twites, White-winged Snowfinch, Rock Buntings and Sparrows, Alpine Accentor, Ring Ouzels, Rock Thrush, Golden Eagles, Griffon Vultures and Lammergeiers.    

Trip Report HERE

Adult Lammergeier
Caucasian Snowcock 
Male Great Rosefinch- we had about six or so at 'Paradise' overlooking Mount Shahdag. Also two White-winged Redstarts. 
'Caucasian Water Pipit'
'Caucasian Ring Ouzel'- the local race has even more white in the wing than alpestris
White-winged Snowfinch
Alpine Accentor
Red-fronted Serin
Rock Sparrow 
Griffon Vulture
Male Common Rosefinch 
Rock Bunting 
ochruros Black Redstart
View towards the valley we found a wintering flock of White-winged Redstarts last year HERE
View from Griz
View over Shahdag Mountain
Mountain birding- epic
Our Homestay at Griz
Griz homestay 

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