Saturday, 8 May 2021

Ebird Global Big Day (Bulgaria Spring 2021, day 14)

I make it 106 species for my Ebird global big day, Ebird lists HEREHEREHERE and HERE.  Started the day at Cape Kaliakra which was extremely windy so I descended into Bolata Valley before over to Shabla Tuzla and then Shabla Lakes. Highlights included a singing male Common Rosefinch (a rarity in this region), Great Snipe again at Shabla Lake, an influx of Black-headed Buntings (8 at the Cape including a flock of 5), a pair of Citrine Wagtails at Shabla Tuzla and a great selection of migrants.

Male Common Rosefinch- a local rarity that sparked a local twitch ie. Pavel, the resident birder at Lake Durankulak came looking for it but unfortunately we couldn't re-find it 

An influx of Black-headed Buntings today (male above and female below) 

Spotted Flycatcher 
When I first saw this I thought it might be a skua- a closer look revealed a male Red-footed Falcon battling low over the waves into the strong north-west wind 
White-winged Black Tern- also had the trip's first Whiskered Terns today 
Red-rumped Swallow- seem to be larger number of hirundines as each day goes by
Mediterranean Gulls still on the move 
Female Citrine Wagtail
Pied Wheatears (female above and male below) 

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