Tuesday 26 December 2017

Xmas Birding

Managed to sneak out and do some birding on 23rd, Christmas Eve and also got a garden tick at the Old Vic on Xmas day- a Yellowhammer flying over. Got told off for moth trapping while doing the xmas day prep but still pulled it off- Mottled Umber for the Old Vic list. Got various cunning plans over the holidays to combine some family days out with birding targets- will see how I get on/get away with it. 

 Iceland Gull at Beddington on 23rd- looks like a different bird from the 19th- with darker bill and more contrasting primaries 19th bird
 Juvenile/first-winter Iceland Gull 
 Also had this leucistic first-winter Herring Gull on 23rd which had been present the day before 
 Leucistic Herring Gull 
 Had this first-winter Goldeneye at Farmoor on Xmas Eve (a trip which I had to call off a bit early because Jacob started turning purple in the deceivingly cold wind) 
Got these adult Goldeneyes in before the baby froze 
Baby and bird of day all sorted for the Big Day 

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