Wednesday 20 December 2017

Social media?

Walked out in the garden the other day, a Red Kite flew towards me, I picked up my camera pointed it at the bird, pressed the button and got this photo. Stuck it on social media and it did a mini viral thing with collectively at least over 500 likes and 50 comments so the reach must have been several thousand (once you add the share stats up).

Spend an entire existence fighting to protect my local patch and build from scratch a company that tries to build deep rooted communities around nature, an effort that is almost killing me. Stick that on social media and next to fuck all response!



Steve Gale said...

Peter, the way our species is going, simple reactions to straight- forward visual stimulation is what we will get. Anything that needs thought, consideration and a brain to respond to will generally lose out. Now, where are those photos of fluffy kittens....

Peter Alfrey said...

I know us grumpy men often say that but I've got the stats and proof now!:-)

The serious downside to this is that management of nature needs careful consideration and also public engagement and effort. There must be a way forward in the current instant fix culture. Presumably any aspirational and ambitious contingent within nature conservation and birding need to take a complex management situation and then cut it up into tiny bite sized sugar coated pieces and utilise lots of small inputs of energy?

I guess that is where Cornell lab is going with Merlin app (that identifies the birds for you that you photograph) and than ebird app (where you can tick off those birds from your phone and the data goes instantly to recording systems and validators). Its more like a game of Pokeman- presumably more people will dabble with birding and the computer systems will do most of the 'thinking'. The people behind the systems will be the next generation birding pioneers?

Basically need to start working on my Beddington app! :-)