Wednesday 7 October 2015

Wildlife Gardening

 Spent the last couple of days working on the wildlife gardens in town- Silverdale and Bedzed (still need to get to the farmlands entrance too- need a local green team now- if you live local and fancy a job let me know- one or two days a week,  as ever will pay a bit more than you get for the same job in this area.  Contact for more info. Also need people to canvass for more work and also some help with getting the marketing and models right to start rolling this out. 
 Garden Spider- loads around at the moment
 Red Admiral on the last bit of Buddleia 
Asters and Sedum providing late flowers for pollinators. Also cyclamens are flowering now and tobacco plants. The Pictorial meadows seed from Dunnett's Sheffield team is still flowering too (exotic plants in there to prolong the flowering season). Been tidying up the beds and putting in new bulbs- early spring Irises, summer Aliums and Snake head Fritillaries ( to add to the composition of bulbs that are timed to flower in a synchronised fashion- like a very slow firework display :-)  ) 

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