Tuesday 20 October 2015

Two Pewees

Eastern Wood Pewee. Bird 1, Lighthouse Valley. Found by Pierre three days ago.
Eastern Wood Pewee, Bird 2- Poco-D'agua today.

The lighthouse Valley

I limped my way to the Lighthouse Valley this morning (walked half of it backwards as easier on the gammy leg) and much to my relief managed to see the Eastern Wood Pewee.

Started to walk back to the road very slowly with Darryl but we couldn't get a signal to call the cabbie to come and pick my sorry state up back to town. So I started the 6km crawl back along the road. As we approached Poco D'Agua I was in mid-moan when I looked up to see something odd on top of a dead tree- another Pewee! Within a few seconds it was calling- an Eastern Wood Pewee. Had the same bird followed us out of the valley onto the road (visible from a car!) just to wind me up.

We got the pics, sound recordings and got the news out and after a couple of hours we found out that Vince and Mika had been photographing the Lighthouse bird all afternoon while we were watching this one- a second bird! The second for the WP- within three days of the first one.

Also had a Swainson's Thrush today - so with these two birds puts me in 2nd place for the Azores Bird Club Listing Table. 

Been a fantastic year this year- one of the best. New birds today include Black-throated Blue Warbler, the Swainsons, the new Pewee and a hybrid warbler (Brewster's type). Unfortunately my last full day today. 


Unknown said...

Its been great! You re going to miss the diva birding style!

Chris Townend (Jaffa) said...

Great story Pete - well deserved.

Dominic Mitchell said...

Many congrats Peter - terrific find

Peter Alfrey said...

Cheers all! Mega from the car 2moro Katt :-)

mpgoodey said...

Hi Pete, great find !. Just curious to know what the second bird to the left is in the video ? thanks. Martin.

Peter Alfrey said...

Hi Martin, looks like a Blackcap.